Hazydaze traditional fabric windbreaks are made from 100% woven cotton, therefore are hard wearing and durable, providing you with real protection. Our windbreaks are available in a range of colourful stripes with a contrasting central plain panel, for this season choice please visit our 'fabrics' page. Three pockets of varying sizes are sewn onto the panel to keep your belongings safe and within easy reach.

Our poles are made from hardwood, topped and tipped with galvanised steel for a sturdy feel and easy assembly. Hazydaze windbreaks have two ties to ensure the windbreak remains secure when rolled up and have a removable strap for ease of carrying.

It’s not just beach or garden fans that benefit, if you enjoy going camping or to festivals our windbreaks can make or break the day!

Our traditional windbreaks measure 2.68m wide x 1.20m high.

Price: £120.00 plus P&P. Please contact us for more details regarding fabric choices and delivery

07969822612/01323 766870